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No perfect family

I love when we skype with our family in the PH.. my mom always made sure that we keept intouch with eachother.

I love the fact that no matter where we live, how far or how long we havent seen eachother we are still a tight family. All tho we have some issues with one another we are still there when there comes a point that someone wants to hurt us.

I remember when i was a kid, i still lived in PH that our neighbur had a boy.. somewhat was a bit older then me.. he always bullied me.. you know.. always push me around so i would fall or get hurt.. well there was this day we where standing in the streets outside our house and he came behind me and push me so i hit the ground with my head first and he started laughing at me.. my brother and our cousins came out and surrounded him and yeah well you can guess what they did to him.. cos from that day he never once touch or came near me after that. I dont see my cousins as my cousins.. i see them as my siblings.. older brothers and sisters that is.. and i love them.

Life is good!!

In this world you got 3 diffrent familys that you got.

One that youre born in, one that you create with youre partner and the ones that you pick along the way in the path you have choosen.

Me, i have all that in my life, im blessed to have a family that loves me no matter what i do or who i love. My friends.. well.. i know a lot of people but there are just a few of them that i would ever trust or give my life to.

I have a friend.. she is my best friend and my sister.. i would give my life to save her. Of all the people that i know she has always been there for me. No matter what i say or do or even how mad i make her or even nasty fights after 30 min we be hugging and laughing about it.

It’s funny how life goes.. how you learn to love people along the way. We learn to love our partners and family. To love life to the fullest!


We went to Heron  City to catch up and just talk about life!! Love this kind of moments and memories we make.

G’nyt everyone!

Happy new year

Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year!!

We finally past the first day of 2015 and i really  want to know what your highlights of 2014 was. Mine is on this list!!

I finally graduated from the culinary training school

Quit my awful job

Started working as a chef

Also i feel more happy and thankful for a someone special.. wont tell you
who that is yet!!

I really have so much videos and pics im going to share with you guys soon.. its just this is the first time i have been able to blog since i re launch it!!
That is it for now i need to go to sleep and i write to you peeps soon!!

Nyt! *muah*

Merry Christmas to all of you


Today i been spending my day with some friends.. we went to Skansen to see tiny monkeys… and really im not kidding… they where so tiny i couldent even find them sometime cos they where hiding behind the tree or leafs. Anyways after that we went to Heron City just to grab some food and just talk a little, we left around 16.00 and went home cos everything was close.. i mean the streets where empty… really empty.. there where noooo people at all, like a ghost town.

Came home and fell asleep for an hour and then got ready to go to my brothers place.. im telling you.. omg sometimes i wish my brother could have gone in the same business with me.. he cooks so darn good food to. Well its late here so i want to go bed but i will uplaod some pics for you guys tomorrow.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas

Busy month

Hey guys!

I’m very sorry for not been able to update latly… its been tooo much this month.. new job and long hours.. i me and my friend started to make some videos.. i will upload it as soon as i can when im done editing it.

So anyways i just got home from the city, having a christmas dinner for two with my sister from another mother.. you guys should follow her in instagram IGMOROCCO  look her up and follow. So well we here at the restaurant having dinner.. omg i promise you it took 15 min for us to order and 20 min to get our drinks and even 30 min to get our food witch was really hm.. well under stake. Never again we are going there to eat.


My sister got me this knife set.. im sooo happy and yes Chefs like this kind of christmas presents.. its nice andi love it!

Slacky shit

Yes i know.. i havent been able to blog much cos of work.. im fully booked this upcoming weeks.. it has been sooooo stressfull and even more painfull.. my entier body is sore.. specially my foot.

Well i have a lot to tell you but i cant do it right now.. i will do it this weekend I promise!!


Today was a sad day for me and my family, one of our family friend recently past away, today was her funeral, it was a very beautiful ceremony and i bet she would have loved it most of all she would be very happy and honored that the Bishop and 200 more people  actully came to her funeral, she was a very beloved woman, also a extra mother to my mom.

I remember when my mom got sick and she always came and took cared of my mom and our family.. she always ask us how we where doing and if we would need something, she always had something to give everytime she came by. Im very greateful that i leard to know her, she was a part of my family.. and now we are greafing. She left a big mark in every persons life that she ever met. Lord has welcomed you home now and i know that you will always be at our side to watch over us!

Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family, specially for my mom!

Almost here

Almost a month left and christmas will be knocking on our door steps, it’s amazing how fast time flys away and from nowhere it’s a new year, january month will be infront of you and new beginnings starts and you meet new people.

I use to love christmas.. but not so much anymore since my grandfather died that day. It took me almost 6 month to realize that he was gone and that i would never see him again.

My grandfather was the most respected and beloved person i knew, he was the only one who gave us (his grandchildrens) good and wise advice of what we should do everytime we had problems, he was also the rock that held the family together.. him and my grandmother.

I still remember the day my brother told me that he died, i was babysitting my sisters kid that night and i was talking to some friends on MSN when he suddendly chatted me up  at 01.30 that he was dead.. i just sat there and look into the screen for a few minutes and then just broke down on the floor, somehow my sister came home found me crying on the couch. For days i really felt like i couldent breath and somehow  someone whould tell me that it was just a dream. It has almost been 9 years since he past away but still he is alive in my heart and in every memorie i made with him.  It’s really hard to forget someone who ment the world to you, the one you looked up to and also the one who would never ever abandon you!!

Hello world!

Oki sooo i totally erase my old blog and made a new one cos this will be in english and the other one was on swedish. I will most of all just blog about my daily life and some other topics.. if i could find one lol.

Well about me..  Im a open lesbian who lives in stockholm, all tho  my roots are originally from asia and spain. I grew up here with my family witch is my mom and two brothers.. im the middle child.  I work in the serivce business and i love it.

All tho im planning to go back to study and get my degree cos i really want to open my own someday and im getting tired to work for someone else.

Well thats about a bit i want to share with me right now.. and btw im sooo sorry about my crappy spelling!!


Have a Gay Day!!