Today was a sad day for me and my family, one of our family friend recently past away, today was her funeral, it was a very beautiful ceremony and i bet she would have loved it most of all she would be very happy and honored that the Bishop and 200 more people  actully came to her funeral, she was a very beloved woman, also a extra mother to my mom.

I remember when my mom got sick and she always came and took cared of my mom and our family.. she always ask us how we where doing and if we would need something, she always had something to give everytime she came by. Im very greateful that i leard to know her, she was a part of my family.. and now we are greafing. She left a big mark in every persons life that she ever met. Lord has welcomed you home now and i know that you will always be at our side to watch over us!

Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family, specially for my mom!

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