Life is good!!

In this world you got 3 diffrent familys that you got.

One that youre born in, one that you create with youre partner and the ones that you pick along the way in the path you have choosen.

Me, i have all that in my life, im blessed to have a family that loves me no matter what i do or who i love. My friends.. well.. i know a lot of people but there are just a few of them that i would ever trust or give my life to.

I have a friend.. she is my best friend and my sister.. i would give my life to save her. Of all the people that i know she has always been there for me. No matter what i say or do or even how mad i make her or even nasty fights after 30 min we be hugging and laughing about it.

It’s funny how life goes.. how you learn to love people along the way. We learn to love our partners and family. To love life to the fullest!


We went to Heron  City to catch up and just talk about life!! Love this kind of moments and memories we make.

G’nyt everyone!

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