Still lost

I haven’t being blogging that much lately because have been having a lot of things in my head. Lately I’ve being  feeling sad, not sad but a bit lost so much has been going on around me all the time that I don’t even know what to do or what to say at the moment I just want to lay down under my covers and hide.

I have being forced to make some changes because of some unexpected happenings in my family. In the end of this month my mom will be out of work and I will be the only one who will have a job to provide for my family at the moment. So now I have start to work in another area that I don’t like but I have to for the sake of my family so now I’m beginning to wonder if I made the right decision, I put aside my own happiness and my dreams for the people that I love, I realized that sometimes you have  to sacrifice for what’s best for your family.

My biggest dream would be that I have my own place to run and do all the things and I want to.  Working in the kitchen is the best thing and the best feeling that you can have if you’re really want and love working with food, someday I will have my own restaurant maybe not now but I will in the future cuz that’s my goal and that’s my dream.

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