No perfect family

I love when we skype with our family in the PH.. my mom always made sure that we keept intouch with eachother.

I love the fact that no matter where we live, how far or how long we havent seen eachother we are still a tight family. All tho we have some issues with one another we are still there when there comes a point that someone wants to hurt us.

I remember when i was a kid, i still lived in PH that our neighbur had a boy.. somewhat was a bit older then me.. he always bullied me.. you know.. always push me around so i would fall or get hurt.. well there was this day we where standing in the streets outside our house and he came behind me and push me so i hit the ground with my head first and he started laughing at me.. my brother and our cousins came out and surrounded him and yeah well you can guess what they did to him.. cos from that day he never once touch or came near me after that. I dont see my cousins as my cousins.. i see them as my siblings.. older brothers and sisters that is.. and i love them.

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