Almost here

Almost a month left and christmas will be knocking on our door steps, it’s amazing how fast time flys away and from nowhere it’s a new year, january month will be infront of you and new beginnings starts and you meet new people.

I use to love christmas.. but not so much anymore since my grandfather died that day. It took me almost 6 month to realize that he was gone and that i would never see him again.

My grandfather was the most respected and beloved person i knew, he was the only one who gave us (his grandchildrens) good and wise advice of what we should do everytime we had problems, he was also the rock that held the family together.. him and my grandmother.

I still remember the day my brother told me that he died, i was babysitting my sisters kid that night and i was talking to some friends on MSN when he suddendly chatted me up  at 01.30 that he was dead.. i just sat there and look into the screen for a few minutes and then just broke down on the floor, somehow my sister came home found me crying on the couch. For days i really felt like i couldent breath and somehow  someone whould tell me that it was just a dream. It has almost been 9 years since he past away but still he is alive in my heart and in every memorie i made with him.  It’s really hard to forget someone who ment the world to you, the one you looked up to and also the one who would never ever abandon you!!

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