Up on my roof




When i look at this picture, it reminds me of my home, my birth country, my family and my kids. This picture was taken up on my roof at my house.


Philippines, my birth country, my home. This is the only place i can truly find peace. We do have houses down in the city cos thats wehere we originaly lived before we got a lot to build a house up in the hills.


The View i have from my roof is really breath taking, all i can see is small houses, peacefull and happy people with no worries at all, even if they dont have so much money they are still happy and greatfull to what they have, even if its just a small thing, they are still happy.

Its not like here in Sweden, people here are so selfish and always so fucking materialized, moste of the people dont think about others.. only thinking about them selfs. My firends always tells me that its good that i think diffrently then others, i always make sure that my kiddos can go to school and have something to eat and something to wear, I help my mom with a lot of things, specialy when she is sick.

When Momma retire from work i want her to move back home to Philippins, its where she belongs, with her siblings and grandchildern and her mom, this is where i have my roots, my kids reminds me daily of where i come from and never to forget my backround, appriciate all the things i have, all the things i worked for.

Philippines, my home, my life, my love, Thank you for reminding me where i come from.550368_10150991700550056_2140461521_n

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