10 things about me

Well this is a few things you need to know about me.

1. I have a short temper (I get angry really fast if I find your jokes insulting or racist)

2. I do have 12 siblings (don’t mess with me or my brothers will find you.. seriously)

3. I can’t live without music.. it’s my sanctuary

4. I laugh too much, even if the jokes are to bad

5. I really love food so I ended up being a chef

6. I diss like drunk people ( you can drink but you gotta know your own limit)

7. I am a aunt to basically more then 10 kids.. I think I’m up to total 15 kids ( i stop counting when I realized that they won’t stop popping out from their moms viJay jays)

8. I’m dyslexic but I use a voice lexicon and a translator.

9. I’m Catholic, but I belive in God in my own way and I’m liberal about most things.

10. I’m gay and proud of it.

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