Restaurang Cowberry

Yeah it’s never fun when your boss wakes you up and tells you “Pls come to work today” I was actully hesitated to say yes today buuut i accepted and went to work.

So you guys know i work for Fazer, it’s a chockolate company here in sweden but they do have a personnel pool and a lot of restaurants around stockholm and Gothenburg so i go around in the company to work where ever they need people.. and its a really good job.. i love it!! And also i have 4 other jobs.. i just have them as extra so i dont get bored and wanting to leave the place.. witch is good for me. I’m a certificate chef.. also 14 years of exerience working in the hotel and restaurant business, it’s just now im actully started working in the kitchen, other then that i was working as a waiter/bartender/team leader. My dad was a chef too.. well he is my stepdad but he is the only dad i have so i just call him dad. He is the one who got me in to liking food and all that.. well i do love to eat food (hehe).

Anyways today i made 30 casquel of lasanga.. i hate doing them cos its kind of a long process to do but i love eating them!! and also people love them.. thats one of our dish that dissepear in less then 5 min.. awsome!!

Cowberry is a funny name for a restaurant.. hahaha


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