My faith in God

Ever since I came out some of the people I hang out with always ask me why I belive in God, it’s against the bible to be gay.

Well thing is nowhere in the bible it does say that you have to hate gay people, also it says Adam and Eve but it does also say that you shouldn’t judge someone else, in the end of everything it’s only God who can do that.

I’ve read the bible and I can’t find anywhere in the book that it says that a woman can’t be with a woman and a man to be with a man.

I belive in God in my own way, I do not need a book or the Pope to tell me how to live my life or who to love. I have lost my faith before but I found my way back to him.  I pray to God often when no one sees me doing it.. I don’t need to shout it out loud that I do pray. When I talk to God it’s all between me and him and no one else.

Can a person belive in God even if that person is homosexual? Yes they can, we even have Gay priest.

I carry my cross around my neck and I even have two tattooed on my body. I belive that if God didn’t want me to be here in this earth I wouldn’t be here, I would have died a long time ago. I belive that if we die then God have a better plan for us. My vision of heaven and hell is this world, in this world there are people who is evil and also who is angels. One day this earth will not exist anymore and the fault in that falls in to us for not taking care of the earth and each other.

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