My weight problem

For a long time now people have been hinting that I’m getting fat and that I should loose weight.. well people I am awear of my weight but it’s not that easy for me as it is for some people.

First of all I have been fighting this battle for a long time… it went really well until 5 years ago when I got in a car crash witch results that I started to eat pain killer and still do from time to time becose of the injury I got.
Pain killers don’t work for me after a month.. I need to change it from time to time cos the effect that I get from those pills just runs off from my system. My mom told me that I was born a pre-mature and was really sick so I had to be in the hospital for almost a year cos of complications and that I was crying non stop cos I was in pain so they had to give me pain meds.. so now that I’m older.. Every pain meds I get just runs off my systems after a while… witch also make me stay in weight and have trouble loosing it.

I know some people think I’m just being lazy and that I can lose it if I just want to.. but let me tell you.. it’s hard for some people to lose it!! For 5 years I have had 12 different meds.. not only for pain but also for my allergies and yes I said 12. I do exercise by walking for 2 hours and jogging it helps from time to time but I don’t lose weight that fast as some people.. If I don’t exercise everyday I gain weight.. now in my line of work.. I really need to do it everyday but sometimes I just don’t have time for it cos I’m not home until late. 

We will see how this will work.. but for now.. I’m just gonna go with the flow. Also yes I am eating healthy food but it’s not that easy.


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