Good morning

Well as usual  I got up, got fix and now I’m in the train waiting for it to leave the station. I’m on my way to work if you  didint notice.

It’s 05.57 and it’s fucking cold outside.. it’s actually snowing and I don’t understand why the heck am I up this erlie? But heey  I ask myself that every day and still I get my dumb ass up at 5.30 in the morning.

Last night I was talking to some people in a chat room.. they started to talk about Paris and 9/11 and the hole terrorist shit that been going on for a while since forever. Well I didn’t really wanna get into the conversation cos as I know I would get irritated.. anyways  one of the girls said she hated Muslims and all that it stood for cos of the bombings and killings of innocent people both in Paris and in NY. I couldn’t belive that this girl who says that she has nothing against Muslim’s and that people are free to belive to what any religion they want.

I look at my screen for a while and then I realized I had to open my mouth about it. So you people know my best friend who is like my sister to me is Muslim.. then I really mean she is really Muslim.. She covers her hair when she is out.. and yes she loves her religion more then anything else.

Back to this girl.. I told her that she is being a hypocritical bitch cos she said so.. I mean how can you say that you hate soneone and then say that you respect people and that we are free to belive in any religion we want and still  hate Muslims for what they stood for.

First of all Muslim stands for peace and no I don’t think you should put all Muslims in one pocket and say that  they are terrorist.. When it’s really a bunch of extremes who believes in the Muslim faith. Second of all in every freaking religion there will always be a bunch of extremes who is out for revenge of some sort. There will always be a bad seed if people in any religion so stop putting them in a box and say that all Muslims are bad!! Noo there are a lot of good people in every religion!!

I am Catholic and I am very gay, yes I am a lesbian you heard me!! My best friend is Muslim.. her entire family knows I’m gay and they still love me for me and what I belive. It’s really sad that people have to point fingers in one religion as soon as a bomb exploding in any country.

Anyways I don’t wanna continue this shit now cos I’m about to get off the train and start working.


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